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Seventh BOLESWA Symposium

"Educational Research for Quality of Life"

hosted by Swaziland Educational Research Association
at the University of Swaziland, Kwaluseni, Swaziland,
July 28 - August 1, 1997

The following is a list of the papers presented at the Seventh BOLESWA Symposium.  Click on the relevant link to see the Abstract or a full copy of the Paper in which you are interested. 

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A correlational study of students' attitudes and performance in English language at junior secondary level in Botswana K. W. Motshabi Abstract Paper
A need for an educational research revolution in Southern Africa L. Lalendle Abstract Paper
An action research approach to finding a connection between pre lab synopses and successful laboratory report writing. M. Rollnick,
S. Zwane,
M. Staskun &
G. Green
Abstract Paper
An analysis of COSC Examination in the Kingdom of Lesotho A. H. U. Talukdar Abstract Paper
Assessing the level of quality of life as a determinant of mental health in South Africa T. Kirsten Abstract Paper
Assessment as a means of enhancing improved quality of life through education H. J. Nenty Abstract Paper
A Study of Communication Strategies Used in the Writing of Answers in Biology by ESL First Year Science Students of the University of Botswana A. B. Chimbganda Abstract Paper
Attitude of O’level agriculture students towards doing O'level agriculture investigatory projects B. J. Simelane &
M. J. Simelane
Abstract Paper
Birth weight, stillbirth and maternal complications in Swaziland as related to parity and mothers age G. N. Dlamini &
B. Tiisekwa
Abstract Paper
Can Whole School Organisation Development (WSOD), as an intervention, impact on the quality of life in our communities? P. Kabali-Kagwa Abstract Paper
Career decision-making and quality of life among tertiary level students: a case of NUL first year students V. M. Ntoi Abstract Paper
Communication apprehension as factor influencing the quality of life of people M. Drinkwater &
N. Vreken
Abstract Paper
Conducting descriptive research M. J. Simelane Abstract Paper
Critical considerations in the provision of quality agricultural education in Swaziland N. N. Nzalo &
K. J. B. Keregero
Abstract Paper
Educational research and quality of life in Eastern and Southern Africa B. Otaala Abstract Paper
Education and quality of life as part of human resource development M. Ntshalintshali Abstract Paper
Education for development and quality of life in the context of Swaziland C. M. Magagula &
T. Maphalala
Abstract Paper
Education for the twenty-first century and the quality of life L. Nyati-Ramahobo Abstract Paper
Education research for better quality of life for girls in Namibia C. Shaimemanya &
C. D. Kasanda
Abstract Paper
Education to self assertiveness - a prerequisite for quality of life I. E. Plattner Abstract Paper
Educational research and quality of life: A science education perspective T. A. Balogun Abstract Paper
Educational research for quality of life - reality or utopia? J. Joseph &
R. L. Monobe
Abstract Paper
Educational research: an information tool for decision-making E. Nthunya Abstract Paper
Effective preparation of teachers for lifelong learning - the role of an induction programme M. J. Motswiri Abstract Paper
Effects of death on students and effective coping strategies T. K. Majela Abstract Paper
Effects of the four-months teaching practice on clinical supervision at Lesotho National Teacher Training College J. M. Moorosi Abstract Paper
English language policy derails Basotho educational destiny S. M. Setoi Abstract Paper
Environmental education policy and planning in Botswana: the basis for environmental quality and sustainable development M. Mosothwane Abstract Paper
Environmental education: a training programme for student teachers N. J. Vreken &
J. Rens
Abstract Paper
Factors influencing the choice of research problems as perceived by degree students in the Faculty of Agriculture P. P. Fakudze &
K. J. B. Keregero
Abstract Paper
Factors related to student unrest in Swaziland high schools as perceived by head-teachers, teachers and students M. S. Dlamini &
M. P. Dlamini
Abstract Paper
Head teachers' perceptions regarding Swaziland school supervision programme C. S. Gumbi &
B. M. Dlamini
Abstract Paper
Hospital vs. home delivery in Lesotho: a comparison of mountain and non-mountain locations M. M. Shale Abstract Paper
How research into the professional education and training curriculum for teachers can help improve the quality of life in teachers' colleges and schools J. S. Stuart Abstract Paper
Information for enhancement of life: dissemination of research results in Lesotho M. Mohapi &
N. Taole
Abstract Paper
Institutional quality of life of teacher education students
J. van der Vyer Abstract Paper
Integrating children with special needs into regular school for enhancing their quality of life in the classrooms E. M. Sebatane &
J. M. Moorosi
Abstract Paper
Language, culture or disadvantage - what is at the heart of successful student adjustment to tertiary science courses? M. Rollnick,
S. Manyatsi &
G. Green
Abstract Paper
Link Among Education, Research, Educational Research, and Quality of Life H. J. Nenty Abstract Paper
Literacy needs assessment survey of neo-literates in three districts of Lesotho M. M. Sakoane &
T. Mathafeng
Abstract Paper
Multicultural education and quality of life: a pilot study at the Pochefstroom University C. T. Viljoen Abstract Paper
New approaches to education programmes in the South African education system S. C. Steyn Abstract Paper
Nutrient composition and acceptability of emasi dish prepared by using selected sorghum cultivars B. Tiisekwa,
A. T. Dlamini &
G. N. Shongwe
Abstract Paper
Offering a conducive learning environment with the aim of reducing student loss at the National University of Lesotho. M. Leotlela Abstract Paper
Preschool age investments - programmes of early childhood development in the third world J. C. Bigala Abstract Paper
Professional practice and quality of life the case of lecturers in National University of Lesotho M. Maruping Abstract Paper
Quality in teacher education: the need and strategies B. E. Gozo Abstract Paper
Reasons For Low Enrolment in LDTC Distance Education Programmes M. M. Sakoane Abstract Paper
Research quality: Implications of information technology M. E. Ploghoft Abstract Paper
Review of the role of the Association of African Universities and how best Regional Research Associations can benefit from its operations C. D. Yandila Abstract Paper
Some aspects of primary mathematics teaching and teacher education in Botswana D. C. Mapolelo Abstract Paper
Structural adjustment policies and intensification of women's work: Impact on their education and health M. Ndunda Abstract Paper
Student teachers reflect on teaching practice: was this a worthwhile experience? B. E. Dlamini &
E. Mazibuko
Abstract Paper
Students as tutors and mentors: new initiatives in Namibia B. Otaala Abstract Paper
Students' misconception in Ohm's law: A preliminary investigation of the Pre-entry and the Agriculture education students of the NUL A. H. U. Talukdar Abstract Paper
Sustainable human development for improving quality of life in Namibia R. Auala Abstract Paper
Swaziland secondary/high school students' risks that may promote HIV infection and the spread of AIDS N. Mndebele Abstract Paper
Teacher education and capacity building for educational research: the NUL trainee classroom - action research on the eighth semester teaching practice. L. M. Matsoso Abstract Paper
Teacher education in Lesotho: a historical review (l905 - 1995) and quality of life J. P. Lefoka &
K. M. Molise
Abstract Paper
The changing face of teacher education in Botswana and new directions T. P. Vanqa Abstract Paper
The effects of job transfer on the quality of life of teachers in Botswana D. Ntseane Abstract Paper
The extent to which informal teaching methods influence students' attitudes in the teaching learning of Sesotho literature M. R. Phatela Abstract Paper
The "Harambee Movement" in Kenya: the role played by Kenyans and the government in the provision of education and other social services S. Chieni Abstract Paper
The impact of admission practices and procedures in promoting quality of life C. M. Magagula &
A. M. Nxumalo
Abstract Paper
The importance of proper selection and streaming procedures for failure or success of secondary school students R. J. Stronkhorst Abstract Paper
The Junior-Senior Secondary Gap in Swaziland Science: Macro Or Micro? S. Manyatsi,
J. Bradley &
M. Rollnick
Abstract Paper
The reaction of primary school teachers to the development and use of a technological approach to teaching science : A proposal for research B. T. Dlamini Abstract Paper
The search for gender sensitive curriculum and school practices: future directions K. Gathu Abstract Paper
The search for quality in the curriculum: How do we find it? E. Mazibuko Abstract Paper
The social adjustment of Grade 1 pupils: A case study of Siphofaneni and Duze Primary Schools M. Keregero &
L. S. Simelane
Abstract Paper
The Swaziland experience in basic education and qualitv: A discussion paper C. Dawson Abstract Paper
The "woman farmer" and extension services delivery system as a process of ensuring improved quality of life through education B. L. Moorlong Abstract Paper
University-productive sector linkages for quality of life improvement H. M. Kabeta Abstract Paper

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